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We would like to invite our registrants to encourage a few of your teens to be a part of Franciscan LEAD this summer. This program is designed to benefit your youth group by training your teens the week before the youth conference and placing them back with your group to be peer leaders with you for the weekend. Please note that in order for a youth to be involved in this program they will need your recommendation.

What is it? - Franciscan LEAD is a five-day, Christ-centered, sacrament-soaked, prayer-fueled immersion in Catholic teachings on leadership, evangelization, and discipleship inspired by the life and witness of St. Francis of Assisi. Our leadership philosophy is based on the foundation that leadership flows from a personal relationship with Christ. Therefore, we first give your teens the tools to grow closer in their relationship with Jesus and then give them the essentials for leadership and evangelization.

"At the beginning of the week I started with this image of me learning how to be this awesome leader. Well, ironically, I learned how to be a better follower than a leader. One of the biggest lessons I learned was that even the pope isn't the leader. The leader is God. If we want to be good leaders we need to be good followers first. You can't teach what you haven't learned. But I know what my values are now, and I'm trusting in God to lead me in the right direction." Taylor Bockhorst, Teen Participant Testimonial

When? - The week before each Youth Conference; beginning Monday and ending Friday afternoon when the participant will join their group for the weekend youth conference.

Who? - Rising high school sophomores through graduating high school seniors, who...

...Love Jesus and His Church.

...Are ready to take their Catholic faith to the next level.

...Want to learn how to share their love of Christ with friends and classmates.

...Want to go deeper in prayer.

...Want to inspire others to answer Christ's radical call to love and serve.

Cost? - The cost of $300 includes training in discipleship and evangelization, resource book, official Franciscan LEAD t-shirt, and lodging/meals for the participant for the duration of the program. This cost does not include the registration fee for the conference weekend. Options for payment may be available through sponsorship by parish youth group for full or partial cost.

How? - The application for Franciscan LEAD is online this year. The link for the step by step process and application will be emailed to group leaders upon registering. The first part of the application is completed by the teen. After they complete this portion online, an email is automatically sent to their referral person with a link to the online referral. Be sure to make sure your teen has the needed information listed on the application procedure page before beginning the application process.

There is no limit to the number of teens that may apply from each group, though we recommend sending 3-4 from each parish/youth group, with at least one youth from each gender. Applications are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. Some locations will sell out! Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you have any questions.

"I love what Franciscan LEAD has to offer those teens that want to go deeper and become better leaders. They are able to go on a LEAD week and not just learn practical leadership skills, but they learn to pray, to really listen to God and begin to understand the depths of His love for each of them. They come back and know not only what it is to lead, they know what it is to SERVE. I would recommend sending teens on a Franciscan LEAD week to any youth minister - it's worth every minute, dime, and dollar. I plan on continuing to send teens every year and look forward to the love they will find in Christ and the amazing ways they will share that with others when they return." Angie Windnagle, Youth Minister Testimonial